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"Jill Paull and Island Green Clean is our choice for environmentally-friendly cleaning for our home and business.  Their service is very professional, delivering not only a very clean home, but also one that smells fantastic thanks to their homemade, all-natural, cleaning products.  When their done, you have no idea that a family with three cats and two dogs lives here!"

 -Kate Ruffing CFO
(Chief Farming Officer)


My Story in My Words...

Jill Paull Owner of Island Green Clean

Operator of Island Green Clean Organic Cleaning Services and Products.

In 2005, I found myself on state assistance and struggling to make a better life for my young children. I was working as a housekeeper at a local hotel for $8 an hour and the cleaning products were making me sick and I wasn't making ends meet; I was at rock bottom emotionally, physically and financially.

Then, I saw a flier for the Washington CASH Small Business program. I thought to myself, "Maybe there is a better way, after all."

After the 9 week training course, I decided to re-invent cleaning to be healthier and more eco-friendly and not just for me, but for anyone who has ever gotten sick or had skin an irritation from cleaning products.

I started to research natural ways to clean and thus, Island Green Clean was born. Today, I have many happy clients, a growing following, a daughter in private school and have inspired my children to believe in themselves and their dreams.

So, to anyone who wants to change their life for the better, I say, “It really can happen, if you really want it.”

I am Jill Paull and that’s my story.

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Energy Levels Increasted...
“Wonderful service combined with fantastic cleaning products. Our office's energy level always goes up after their visit.”

-Kris Wescott, Officer Manager of Vancil Law Offices


Island Green Clean, safe for you, safe for the environment, cleaning services and products.

Experience a Healthy Clean, Call 206.475.8714, Today for a quote. Serving Bainbridge Island and Kitsap County.

A Proud Member of WA CASH and Native American Owned Business


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